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Galaxy Note 3 Update to Android 6.0 AryaMod Port S7 Edge Port

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Update to Android Marshmallow 6.0 AryaMod Port S7 Edge Port v6.5 Aroma TW OTA Latest September Build. Please Read All Things in How To Flash Section Then Install it from RomVila.


Features of AryaMod S7 Edge Port Galaxy Note 3 Marshmallow 6.0.1 Rom

– Android M 6.0.1
– established on G935FXXU1APEK official Firmware for GALAXY S7 part (SM-G935F)
– included LssKernel V3.5UX for all assisting editions thanks @lss1977 for open source kernel
– brought observe 5 aspects
– Rooted with Superuser 2.Seventy eight (process Mode)
– Optimized, Deodexed, De-Knox
– hooked up Busybox 1.24.2-Stericson
– Init.D support
– Debloated
– Multi CSC, 173 sale codes
– Aroma Installer
– ROM manager V2
– Sound manipulate
– OTA replace up to date for SDK 23
– applied July security patch fix
– fixed NFC
– fixed T9 Dialer
– fixed Spen Direct and Handwriting
– fixed S Planner edit crash
– fixed film Editor
– constant Auto call record routinely not recording
– assisting all snapdragon variations (besides sprint)
– elevated vigour Menu
– Disabled Signature checks
– Enabled “decide upon app to entire action”
– Enabled all apps in Multiwindows
– Working private mode
– delivered Autostart management in settings
– Statusbar clock and date variety in Settings>Date and time
– Statusbar community site visitors in Settings>display
– Dashboard favorite column number in settings extended to four
– improved favourite QuickSettings highest number of 16 tiles
– Enabled out of doors mode toggle in Settings>display
– Enabled show scaling in Settings>display
– delivered ListView animation in Settings>display
– Enabled contact key gentle period alternative in Settings>show
– delivered LED indicator settings in settings>show
– multiplied animation scales array in settings>progress alternative>animation scales or from ROM manipulate>telephone mods>advanced perform menu
– Enabled “device fame official” – removed SysScope dependency
– introduced ROM data in Settings>About gadget>software info
– fixed scroll capture black monitor after screenshot
– Enabled customers settings
– Enabled clever supervisor icon in app drawer
– introduced Torchlight Settings
– Modded Messaging App
– Enabled identify unsaved numbers, show information about unsaved cell number on the decision monitor and within the cell log
– Disabled quantity Warning on Headphone
– up-to-date 3minit battery mod
– Full transparency for status bar bg at the same time vigour saving mode is activated
– removed Alpha Channel from Statusbar Icons
– delivered Notification Panel Date Gesture: SinglePress opens clock settings and LongPress opens Alarm
– delivered Multiwindows toggle
– delivered Floating message (settings and toggle)
– introduced Toolbox helping up to 12 apps
– introduced Swipe reset
– delivered Chinese keyboard for TGY and BTI CSCs
– delivered Kernel Auditor-Mod (developed from supply)
– added Omni change, an amazing multitasking app
– introduced America supervisor
– delivered GalaxyIconThemer
– brought one thousand+ customized fonts
– brought FasterGPS for better GPS lock situated on neighborhood
– added Adaway
And perhaps more that I can’t recall now…
[B]ROM control
UI Mods
– Toggle custom/stock colour for Statusbar Icon/text (change on for stock colors, change on for customized colors)
– Statusbar View
– Battery bar Settings
– Toggle between stock or 3Minit Battery icon.
– show/cover Battery percent in inventory battery icon
– Hidden Buttons
– Statusbar Icon Toggles
– signal position
– sign variety, immigrate between stock or IOS dot variety sign
– Toggle a worldwide color for all status bar Icons
– Set any colour for sign Icon
– Set any colour for data Icon
– Set any color for WiFi Icon
– Set any color for Notifications Icon
– Statusbar Double tap, 20+ Assignments
– Set any colour, Gradient for Statusbar historical past
Notification Panel
– Any colour for notification panel clock and date
– Any color for multiplied panel
– Any color for header icons
– Any color for fast join panels textual content colour
– Brightness Thumb (handle) color thanks @daxgirl
– Brightness development bars color
– Brightness Checkbox colour
– Brightness Icon color
– Brightness text Label color
– Notification bg shape; inventory/Rounded
– Notification bg colour set on fly
– Notification BG Transparency (each circular and rectangular)
– Any colour for notifications text
– customized photograph for notification panel heritage
– Set transparency for notification panel custom heritage
– 17 custom heritage for qs toggles
– Overlay any colour for toggles background
– Any color for Toggle ON state
– Any colour for Toggle Off state
– Any color for Toggle text
– hide/show Toggle experiment
– restore stock colours for Notifications panel toggles, clock, and date
– Toggle Ongoing Notifications convert to removable
– Toggle Multiuser Avatar (SystemUI restart required)
– custom 0.33 button in Notification panel header
– Toggle Single Swipe for speedy Settings Panel from left facet
– obvious Toggles proved in Notification Panel (select between four to 7 toggles, fixed reduce off toggle on 7 toggles)
– exhibit/cover Brightness Slider in Notification Panel
– information utilization Preferences: Visibility, colour, and extra
– exhibit/cover information usage in Notification Panel
– Notification panel carrier label
– gadget information customization on Notification panel
phone Mods
– finish name delay
– Toggle call/file Button in InCallUI
– Set any image, colour, Gradient for InCallUI history
– Incoming Auto call recording
– Outgoing Auto call recording
– developed function Menu (hidden settings)
– vigour accelerated menu (toggle 10 option)
– Set any photograph, colour, and Gradient for power Menu background (use portrait portraits)
– customise tough key buttons
– house Button Settings
– Toggle house wake
– DoubleTap project
– DoubleTap application
– LongPress challenge (20+ selections)
– LongPress utility
– Left Capacitive Key
– ShortPress assignment (20+ selections)
– LongPress assignment (20+ choices)
– LongPress utility
– proper Capacitive Key
– LongPress task (20+ selections)
– LongPress software
– Toggle Torchlight in lock screen
– Torchlight timeout
– volume Key Cursor manage
– USB Plug/Unplug Wake reveal
– Toggle Ambient display
– Toast Animations UI Framework
Sound and Dialogs
– quantity Rocker tracks control
– procedure Sound toggles
– Full battery notification
– Low battery notification
– Toggle cellular information popup
Launcher Mods
– Toggle Wallpaper Scrolling for TW launcher
– introduced dark Font for TW Launcher
– Touchwiz web page result (7 effects)
– Swipe reset: decide upon any endeavor for left-swipe app target
– Gesture anywhere on Homescreen: Double tap, Swipe Up, Swipe Down (15 actions)
*** Swipe up gesture has the same motion as left capacitive key so specifying contemporary apps motion for the left capacitive will be the same for swipe up gesture on home screen
Lockscreen Mods
– Lockscreen show Timeout
– change Lockscreen Rotation
– Lockscreen carrier
– Lockscreen Clock and data color
– Lockscreen Clock and information Font, type and size
– switch Swipe monitors text in Lockscreen
– change connected USB/Charger text in Lockscreen
different Mods
– Toggle to circumvent e-mail exchange security on inventory electronic mail App
– decide upon the quantity of columns in settings (single, dual)
– show/conceal QuickSettings favorite
– Settings dashboard textual content measurement
– Settings Favorites text size
– Settings edit Favorites text size
useful Apps
– OTA Updates
– Kernel Auditor
– Toolbox Settings
– u.S. Manager
– SuperSu
– turbo GPS
– Galaxy Icon Themer
– Adaway
– OmniSwitch
– Emoji Switcher

Aroma Setup
– MultiCSC: a hundred seventy-five sale codes
– Default CSC is ready to BTU, the UK in Aroma
– CSC features:
LTE/4G data Icon,
KB Subsymbol,
Browser Exit Menu,
Browser dwelling alternative,
Browser Exit Popup,
call Button,
Block Menu in Settings,
data usage View On speedy Panel,
Swipe Notifications to left to block
– The option of camera
– the alternative of SystemUI
IOS type status bar with circular notifications in Aroma
– Sound mod
AryaMod top rate Sound control
stock, Sound Alive
– Intelligent manager
C sort
stock grid
6Dock and 5×6 App Drawer, smaller icon

How To Update Samsung Note 3 To S7 Edge Port AryaMod M 6.0.1 Rom

Device Must be Rooted and Custom recovery Installed (PhilZ Touch 6.48.4 or twrp- is required for Installing any custom ROM so Confirm That you are done this part.
Make sure your Device is fully charged to 100%.
Now follow These Below Content

Download the AryaMod ROM zip and Confirm First md5sum is matched then Move to your phone
Flash latest modem & bootloader through ODIN HERE & make sure it is updated correctly
Reboot the phone into Recovery Mode
Perform A FULL wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache And Data, System even if your Device coming from a port rom

Install The ROM
The first Start may take 15-20 minutes
After booting up complete the setting wizard make sure to uncheck diagnostic data

Download AryaMod v6.5 S7 Edge Ported Rom For Galaxy Note 3

AryaMod V6.5 S7Edge Port

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