Galaxy Note 7 Update to Dr.Ketan ROM Android 6.0.1 Green Battery VOLTE Safe

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update to Dr.Ketan ROM Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Green Battery VOLTE Completely Safe. Please Do Some Research Before Installation of this Build & Flash it at your OWN Responsibility.

Features of Marshmallow 6.0.1 Dr.Ketan Samsung Note7 ROM

– Lightly Debloated
– De-Knox
– Pre-rooted
– Enabled all languages
– integrated stock Kernel
– screen mirror constant
– Messaging points
Backup/restore alternative
No SMS to MMS conversion
200 recipient
– Shortcut you assigning to long press residence (aroma selectable)

Screenshot- power menu up to date for two extra features aside from 5 way reboot
TorchLight – Flashlight
Shortcut – that you would be able to pick any application or shortcut (targeted shortcut you could get from aroma like google/Kill app/ScreenShot/Torch) You have got to select Shortcut as default motion while your first time clicks on it. Later which you can reassign shortcut every time from ROM device – Reser vigor menu shortcut
– Key gentle duration
– outside Mode
– ScreenShot Toggle
– SystemUI Mods Aroma selectable)
stock Clock with inventory batter
stock Clock with seconds (HH: MM: SS) with stock battery (ROM Default)
mini battery and mini clock with lots of customization of a clock like colors/sort/function and so on
a choice to revert to ROM default SystemUI
– 300 + Fonts.

Power menu

Power Off
hot Reboot
dependable Mode
Torch mild.

Download Dr.Ketan ROM For Galaxy Note7