Samsung Epic 4G Touch D710 Update to VanirAOSP Android 4.4.4 ROM

Samsung Epic 4G Touch D710 Update to Android KitKat 4.4.4 VanirAOSP Custom Commotio ROM at Before installation of this Build please do some research then install this ROM.

Features of VanirAOSP KitKat 4.4.4 Samsung Epic 4G Touch ROM

Status Bar
– quick setting including numerous customizations
– customize clock display and location, customize sign bar
– % displayed in battery + circle mod
– Transparency

Navigation Bar
– Customizable buttons + colors
– Customizable height + width
– Navi Ring
– Transparency

– absolutely customizable ambitions/rotation/widgets/ and extra
– Transparency

common Tweaks
– ad blockading
– PIE: with improved choices
– tablet UI Chooser
– DPI/liquid crystal display changer + drive pill settings mode
– Theme Chooser: together with inverted theme
– Galaxy Nexus materials
– ADB over community
– Bravia Engine 2.0
– customized carrier textual content
– custom backlight
– improved desktop: with one-of-a-kind modes
– improved power menu
– A-GPS. – Kang PrimeDirective –> credit happily1986
– lengthy press again to kill (in developer options)

software Tweaks
– Selectable Gtalk
– multiplied cellphone: noise reduction, advanced settings, speaker proximity
– multiplied MMS together with fast Emoji
– camera: greater settings (credit score CM)
– practical Sound Recorder
– Koush’s Superuser
– Vanir Keyboard – eliminated tracking/logging – totally optimized

efficiency supervisor
– Processor governor + speed
– Voltage manage
– I/o Scheduler
– Disable boot animation
– enhance the latest menu

– Beats Audio – Cherry picked from a number of sources, however above all NexusLouderV6B5
– Quiet Hours
– DSP supervisor integrated (credit CM)
– volume wake/rocker tune control
– Rewritten Speaker proximity designed for Commotio/Vanir

– All inclusive ~an 180 MB –> 60 MB of Bloat removed
– entirely featured LatinIME Keyboard, however, handiest 2.2 MB (traditionally 16-20 MB), removed tracking/logging
– And soo far more

How to Update Samsung Epic 4G Touch to VanirAOSP Android KK 4.4.4 ROM

Perform A Full wipe
Then Install ROM
Flash Google Apps

Dirty Flash

1) GApps: The Perfect Way to Install Google Apps is FIRST the Flash GAPPS then the ROM. For a clean flash, you install ROM then the GAPPS.

2) Any Issue with dialer/phone, clear your data in dialer.

DOWNLOAD Samsung Epic 4G Touch D710 Update to VanirAOSP Android 4.4.4 ROM