Samsung S 4G Model Update to Marshmallow 6.0 Omni ROM Unofficial

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Model Update to Android Marshmallow 6.0 Omni ROM Unofficial at ROMVILA.COM. I am Not Responsible For Anything Please Do Some Research Before Installation of This ROM.

Features And Working of Omni Android MM 6.0 Galaxy S 4G ROM


  • Taking pictures
  • Automatic Brightness
  • Headset Buttons
  • Data
  • Recovery
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Vibration
  • Video Recording
  • RIL
  • Encryption
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • SMS


  • Switch-off charging animation – works at first, but then stops working. Seems to be an Omni problem, but it still charges…

What does not Work

  • SELinux is currently in permissive mode. Will not be going to enforcing, this would require a data wipe as well

What is been removed

  • TV-Out – It was removed upstream plus I think binary blobs would need a ton of swimming in Lollipop+

How to Update Galaxy S 4G Model to Marshmallow 6.0 Omni ROM

Installation Guideline
Confirm That you have a second partition on your Device SD card formatted to ext4 before installing!!!! This can be made with either CWM recovery or with TWRP. GParted on Linux system should also work. If your Phone “SD card not supported” try Re-partitioning. If you get “Encryption unsuccessful” then you need to format the second partition as ext 4 (or f2fs, your choice).

If on a BML ROM (stock-based GingerBread)…

  • 1. Reboot into recovery mode
  • 2. Confirm That your version of CWM is at least 5.x
  • 3. Flash zip. It will reboot a couple of times, do not be worried.
  • 4. If you want Google Apps, reboot into recovery Again, wipe data+cache & Flash GApps.
  • 5. If you want to root, Install SuperSU whenever

If on an MTD ROM (CM7 & all ICS+)

  • 1. Reboot Device to recovery mode
  • 2. Perform A Wipe data, Dalvik/art cache, system, & cache partitions
  • 3. Then Install zip
  • 4. If you want to root or Google Apps, install them now.

Download Samsung S 4G Model Update to Marshmallow 6.0 Omni ROM Unofficial